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Birthdate:Oct 28, 1977
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
** Mathematician, senior software specialist.

** Works incredibly long hours hence usually a lurker.

** Lives in Istanbul and wouldn't want it any other way. Although misses England rather terribly.

** Main fandom is comics. Specifically DCU & Batman verse. Grew up with comics. Batman is her absolute favourite(sometimes wants to slap him then hug the stuffing out of him), loves Dick Grayson with every fibre of her being and adores, admires and loves the one and only Ms.Selina Kyle. Superman is her first hero (he thought her about the heroes). Clark/Lois is her first ever ship (around age 9-10)

** Battlestar Galactica fan. Obsesses over that show like mad. Cylon Lover. Thinks of Saul Tigh as the awesomest being in the universe. Adama admirer. Sam Anders lover.

** Harry Potter. First and foremost a major Snape fan. Adores Harry to the bits. Snarry! Loves/Hates Sirius Black. Is angry as hell with Dumbledore. Adores Ron. Adores Hermione.

** A BtVS survivor. Has burned so badly she left it and cannot bring herself to talk about it. Ex-Spuffy but disgusted with everything. Bah. Still mourns AtS. Spike fan. Does not like Joss Whedon nor his idea feminism.

** Star Wars fan. A minor collector.

** A major Tolkien fan.

** Old school X Files fan. Major Scullyist.

** Loves history, loves books.

** Loves to travel, to read, to learn foreign languages, anthropology, foreign politics and history . When she was young, she wanted to be an archaeologist or a historian or a reporter. She doesn't quite know how she ended up with Mathematics but she loves it.

** She really works a lot. Therefore usually lurks and doesn't get enough opportunities to leave a comment as either anything she wants to add had been added by few other people already or she has only a little time to scan things very quickly.

Interests (144):

adama/roslin, alan rickman, albus dumbledore, alexandre dumas, alfred pennyworth, alternate realities, anakin skywalker, angel, animagus, aragorn, arthur weasley, astronomy, batman, batman/catwoman, battlestar galactica, books, british isles, bruce wayne, bruce/dick, bruce/selina, caprica six, catwoman, cinema, clark kent, clark/bruce, comic books, comics, dana scully, darth vader, dc comics, dick grayson, draco malfoy, dresden files, earth, elrond, england, europe, ewan mcgregor, fang gang, fanged four, forbidden forest, force, fox mulder, fred weasley, galactica, galatasaray, galen tyrol, gary oldman, gauis baltar, gay rights, george lucas, george weasley, giles, gillian anderson, han solo, harry dresden, harry potter, hermione granger, history, hobbit, hogwarts, international politics, ireland, istanbul, james marsters, jason isaacs, jedi, jedi philosophy, john doggett, johnny depp, justice league, karl "helo" agathon, kenneth branagh, laura roslin, lee adama, leia organa, leoben conoy, lois lane, london, lord voldemort, lotr, lucius malfoy, luke skywalker, mathematics, minerva mcgonagall, movies, neville longbottom, number three, obi-wan kenobi, padme amidala, parslemouth, politics, potions, qui-gon jinn, regulus black, remus lupin, return of the king, robin, ron weasley, ronald d. moore, rupert grint, sam/kara, samuel anders, saul tigh, sci-fi and fantasy, science, selina kyle, severus snape, severus/remus, severus/sirius, sharon agathon, sirius black, sirius/remus, sith, slash, slytherin, snape/black, snape/lupin, snape/potter, snarking, snarry, spike, spinner's end, star wars, starbuck, superman, superman/batman, the dark side, the final five, the final four, the force, the half-blood prince, the weasleys, the x files, tim drake, tom marvolo riddle, travel, trinity, twelve colonies, walter skinner, wesley, william adama, william the bloody, wonder woman
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